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Mortarion, Death Guard, FAQs, FFG & More

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Sep 4 2017

Mortarion, FAQs, Warmachine, Runewars and more OH MY! Catch up with a busy busy weekend gamers.

Here’s the big stories from this weekend:

40K: Deathguard and Mortarion Rules Preview

The Deathguard are revealed in all their glory!

Privateer Press: Convergence Theme Force

Check out the latest theme force from Privateer Press.


AoS: General’s Handbook FAQ

Fresh off the AoS presses — an FAQ for the new General’s Handbook 2017.

Deadzone – The GCPS Arrive

A whole new faction makes its appearance in Deadzone. Come and meet the GCPS.

GW: New Releases September 2nd “Pricing & Links”

Celebrate 30 years of Warhammer with a Commemorative Collector’s Space Marine!

Runewars: Waiqar Wraith Expansion Announced

The Stuff of Nightmares are taking shape and heading to Runewars – Waiqar Wraiths are on the way!

Necromunda: We Need Cultist Rules ASAP

Necromunda is coming back in all it’s Turf-War glory and it needs to come with rules for “Cult” Gangs, too!


Wyrd: Gorysche – New Cult of the Burning Man Titan

An ancient beast is brought back to life to fight for the cult…

~OK, you’re all caught up – onto the new week.

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Aesthetics of the Ad-Mech