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Codex CSM & Vigilus 2 Imminent, Khorne New Minis, Monpoc and D&D Monsters

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Mar 18

Prepare yourselves gamers – Chaos Marines are imminent, Khorne unleashes his new judgements, Monsterpocalypse smashes into town and lets talk D&D monsters!

40K: Abaddon Finally Arrives On Vigilus

In the latest tale from Vigilus, Abaddon finally gets there, and even Haarken Worldclaimer is a little nervous about his boast.

AoS: Blades of Khorne Overview

The new Battletome is up for Pre-Order this weekend. Join us for a quick tour!

D&D: Top 5 Low-Level Monsters

We’re about to earn 500gp for the entire party this week, by taking a look at (and killing) the 5 best low level monsters in D&D.

AoS: Altar of Skulls & The Judgements of Khorne Unboxed

The Blades of Khorne are getting “Totally Not Spells” with their new Judgements of Khorne. Behold their glory and the Skull Altar on which they ride!

40K: If Vigilus Falls…

What happens to the current state of the Grimdark if the Vigilus System does actually fall to chaos? It’s not looking good for the Imperium.

GW Pre-Order Pricing & Links: Blood For The Blood God

It’s the Blade of Khorne this week as they cut through the Vigilus arc and make their presence felt! New this weekend from Games Workshop.

Privateer Press New Releases – Monpoc Buildings, Monsters, And A New Retribution Caster

Come see what’s new this week from Privateer Press!

Take Skulls And Master Your Blood As We Unbox The New BoK Miniatures

Accompanying Battletome: Blades of Khorne are some pretty stellar new minis, and a bunch of good (fire-breathing, spell-eating, demonic) dogs who are ready to be unboxed and reviewed for your amusement. Come and see Khorne’s new favorites.


40K BREAKING: Abaddon, Black Legion, And NEW Chaos Minis Out Next Week

Next week Chaos comes to Vigilus, in a big way. Abaddon the Despoiler, along with a sexy new squad of Chaos Marines are coming, and they’re bringing some never-before seen models with them. Check it out.

40K BREAKING: Vigilus Ablaze And UPDATED Chaos Marine Codex Out Next Week

Continuing the cavalcade of Chaos careening down the GW release pipeline, next week will also see the release of Vigilus Ablaze and an updated Codex: Chaos Space Marines. See what new rules await within!

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