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Gotrek Returns, Baldurs Gate 3, Black Library Reveals, Privateer Minis & More

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Jun 3 2019

We had quite a busy weekend with everyone’s favorite slayer, Gotrek alive and well in AoS, Black Library hotness for 40K and Horus Heresy, Privateer’s new minis, Plastic Dudemen, X-wing Winners, and Baldur’s Game III teased for you D&D players!

D&D Breaking: Divinity Original Sin Devs Tease Baldur’s Gate 3

Eighteen years later, one of the greatest CRPG series of all time looks like it’s getting a sequel. Gather your party, because it’s time to venture forth.

Blood Bowl: Wood Elf Team Unveiled

The Wood Elves are going to be the shining stars of the spring season–check out the newest team for Blood Bowl!

X-Wing Top List Of The Week: June 1st – The ‘Dredloks’

Take a look at who’s winning, losing and this week’s top championship list in X-Wing – brought to you by BCP.

BREAKING: Gotrek Returns to Age of Sigmar

You just cant keep an old Slayer down. Look who’s back!

Retro Corner: Wood Elves 4th Edition Army Book

The Retro Corner is back with a look at the 4th Edition Wood Elves Army Book!

Plastic Dudesmen #8 – In the Grim Darkness There is Only Comfort

Who would have thought that I would have gotten 8 of these things done. Welp here is another – hope you enjoy it.

40K Lore: Ordinatus

One of the most important parts of any battle is getting there safely. And the techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus know how to get there in style.

Privateer Press New Releases: Scallywags, Steelheads, And Swabbers, Oh My

This week’s new releases are putting the Privateer in Privateer Press. You’ll find a batch of new ‘jacks and solos for the Privateer faction waiting…


Next Week From GW: Contrast Is Coming

This week’s new releases stand poised to paint all of Warhammer in a new light.

  • Black Library Live: Necromunda Underhive And Horus Heresy