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40K Horus Heresy Boxed Set, Harley Quinn Cosplay, The Witcher Latest, D&D Mystara, & the TIE Bomber

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Jun 13 2021

It’s raining news out there from a Horus Heresy Boxed Set pic leak, to AoS Dominion, to the latest on The Witcher, a look at Mystara, the TIE Bomber, and a Harley cosplay you have to see.

Forge World: Horus Heresy Traitor Legion Preview – ‘Argel Tal’ Gets A New Model

Check out the stunning new model for one of the infamous Heresy Era Word Bearers. It’s Argel Tal in all his daemonicly bonded glory!

Age of Sigmar: 5 Units That Are Going to Feel The ‘Reinforcement’ Pinch

There are some new rules for Matched Play for how you can reinforce a unit. And these 5 units are really going to feel the squeeze.

DC Comics Cosplay: Crazy in Love with this ‘Suicide Squad’ Cosplay

The doc to die for is back with this freakishly good Harley Quinn cosplay.

‘The Witcher’ New Season 2 Teaser Focuses on Ciri’s Journey

The Lion Cub of Cintra is going to discover many things about her linage and her monster-killing powers this season.

MTG: More D&D Spoilers As Tasha’s Hideous Laughter And The Flumph Are Spotted

More details from the upcoming Magic: the Gathering foray into Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms. Classic monsters and spells!

Lynda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is Recreated in This Dazzling Statue

This truly statuesque take on Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman leaves no detail out – it’s gorgeous.

D&D: A Hollow World, But One Filled With Adventure – Mystara

It’s a hollow world out there…at least in Mystara – a classic D&D Setting!

Warhammer 40K – Horus Heresy Plastic Boxed Set Pics!

It looks like there’s an impressive plastic boxed set for 30K headed our way and the minis are amazing!


Star Wars: The Empire’s Most Common Terror Weapon – The TIE Bomber Breakdown

Lets talk about the weapon the Empire used to spread terror on the local level and punish all who opposed it, the TIE Bomber.

Warhammer Next Week: Dominion Is Here For Pre-Order

Coming next week, Dominion is here at last–and with it, a glorious new edition for the Age of Sigmar. Come take a look at what awaits you.

Author: Larry Vela
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