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40K PROJECT: To Build a Harbinger – Pt. 1

a series by BDub So after some discussion with BigRed regarding how cool it would be to add a Harbinger to a 40K scale Chaos airforce and/or play Aeronautica Imperialis in 40K scale, I decided to explore the possibility. We all speculated on how big the model might be and BigRed was kind enough to […]

Wargames Gallery 4-10-11

pic submitted by Talarian Check your six! Caption Contest – GO! Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! Warhammer 40k, Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes & Flames of War […]

Ork Aeronautica AAA

After playing Aeronautica a few times, I was eager to add some Flak batteries to the Ork airfield. I hoped on eBay and did a search for Flak under the warhammer categories. As expected, nothing returned. So I broadened my search to the Toys and Games category and got some results. For those not in […]

BATTLE REPORT: Memphis Belle Edition

Hi guys, I promised you a battle report in my last Aeronautica post, and here it is. Aventine, Bulwark and myself each hauled our squadrons down to our FLGS and had a giant throwdown. With me bringing my massive Harbinger heavy bomber, it was decided that the Eldar would be coming to the aid of […]

Red 5 to Red Leader…I’m Going In!

Remember way back when Aventine, Bulwark and I said we were diving into Aeronautica Imperialis, and did a handful of posts on it? Well guess what…its back! Here is my current Chaos Nurgle Squadron I’ve been finishing up this last week. Now its time to darken the skies for Grandfather Nurgle and put some fear […]

Building the Ork Aerodrome

Aeronautica Imperialis fever has hit the BoLS crew. While I’m waiting for the Ork squadrons (or skwadrons for you purists) to arrive from Frogeworld, I thought I’d give my orks a place to land when they arrive. The design was pretty easy, I went with an old WWI style aerodrome (air base) as it seemed […]

Aeronautica: Chaos Squadron Grows…

I’ve been a busy beaver this weekend. Now Aventine has some company up in the unfriendly skies. Only the Harbinger remains, and boy is she going to be a monster… I think the Austin Aeronautica group is going to pushing 10 players before its over, so there will be plenty of fun over the summer […]

Aeronautica Eldar

Well bigred told me that he would have his airforce done before mine, but I don’t see his anywhere… ūüėÄ Got these all wrapped up this weekend, so hopefully we’ll have our first game this week!