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Dark Age: Painting a Skarrd Tribal Father

GentleBen is back with a new step by step painting article featuring Skarrd Tribal Father from Dark Age.

Dark Age: Unboxing the Dragyri Ice Caste Starter

I have another great set of Dark Age minis for you guys to check out.

2017 – Best Resin/Metal Miniature – Winner

The Judges have debated and the verdict is in – come check out our pick for the Best Metal/Resin Miniature of 2017!

2017 Best Metal-Resin Miniature Nominees

Time to bring out the Metal-Resin miniatures from the year and decide who’s the best!

Dark Age: Skarrd Force Book Review

Let’s take a look at what Samaria’s favorite degenerate mutant cannibals have been up to.

Dark Age: Painting a Skarrd Buzzblade

Here’s how I painted my Buzzblades from the new Skarrd Starter

Dark Age: Unboxing Raze and his Disciples

Here’s an unboxing of some of my favorite minis from Gencon50. Time for Raze and his loyal disciples.

Dark Age: Unboxing the Skarrd Starter

Today I have another unboxing article for some of my favorite gencon minis: the new Skarrd Faction Starter for Dark Age

HOBBY: Dark Age – Painting Isaac from Path to Glory

Gentleben here, and today I’ll go over painting Isaac from the Dark Age Path to Glory starter.

CMON: New Dark Age New Releases

Come see the latest Dragyri and Forsaken minis headed your way Dark Age fans.

Dark Age: Dragyri Book Review

                      Let’s part the covers of the Dragyri book for Dark Age and peer deeply at the darkness within.

Dark Age: Unboxing the Two Player Starter

Let’s crack open Path to Glory, the new 2-Player Starter set for Dark Age.

What's New