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Necromunda: Gang War 3 Teasers

Games Workshop ran down some of the upcoming changes for Gang War 3 – other than the arrival of the Van Saar Gang. Come check out the new art and what you can expect in the new supplement!

Nothing is What It Seems With the Latest ‘Aristeia!’ Expansion

It’s all Smoke and Mirrors when giant kawaii robot, a rockstar werewolf, an outdated inquisitor, and a mysterious Chinese illusionist all jump into the HexaDome.

GW: Blitzmania II Coming This Summer

It’s your chance at glory on the pitch with the upcoming Blitzmania II league for Blood Bowl! Do you have what it takes to take the championship home?

Arkham Horror TCG: ‘Heart of the Elders’ Expansion Announced

The third Mythos Pack for the Forgotten Age Cycle has been announced for Arkham Horror: The Card Game -Heart of the Elders. It’s time to load-up your supplies and head back into the jungle of madness!

Need A Monster To Blame Everything On? Get A Pawn

  Next month you can get your hands on at least four chess sets worth of pawns when Paizo releases their next wave of Path- and Starfinder pawns. Populate lost Azlant on Golarion, or travel into the stars with a Pawn for every Pact World.

D&D: Surveying Your Order Domain

  Now that the Order Domain has been out in the wild for a while, allowing adventurers to sow…order and, what’s the opposite of discord–cord?–whatever it is, Wizards has opened up their feedback survey, so let them know what you think.

40K Rumors: Deathwatch & Harlequins Getting Some Love

The rumor mill is spinning up with some new info on the Deathwatch and Harlequins. Get ready for a Primaris upgrade and some new ways to get your clowns into the action!

Star Wars X-Wing: Saw’s Renegades Preview

Saw Gerrera has some plans for a Rebellion of his own. Today Fantasy Flight Games is showing off how he is taking the fight to the empire with his brand of renegades!

Pathfinder: The Blood of the Ancients Runs Deep

  Draw upon the power of Golarion’s past with the latest Player’s Guide for Pathfinder. Blood of the Ancients has player options themed around forgotten civilizations and lost legacies, so harness the past to conquer the present and rule the future.

Tabletop Spotlight: Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm

We’ve all had those arguments of who would win between this hero and that hero. Finally settle those disputes in the Battlerealm!

D&D: The Sibriex Slithers Out Of Mordenkainen’s Tome Of Foes

  Following a devastating defeat at the hands of the Githyanki Supreme Commander during Mordenkainen’s Mayhem, the stats for the Sibriex have been revealed. Take a look at this ancient evil…

Star Wars Legion Snow Troopers Come In From The Cold

  Snowtroopers are equipped for action in extreme environments. With special armor that allows them to survive in temperatures of -60 degrees, they are hardy–and they come with special weapons to help them take out Rebel Scum no matter where they hide. Take a look.

What's New