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Hordes: Will a Re-sculpt help Hexeris See More Tabletime?

Let’s take a look at the new Lord Tyrant Hexeris model and see if this new sculpt is the boost this caster needs to break into the competitive scene.

HORDES: Primus Jalaam Guns em Down

Primus Jalaam, the shooty warlock of skorne is finally here. We check out his far reaching shots today.

Warmachine: Christmas Releases & Who Got the Best Present

Today we rate the 12 Warmachine-Hordes Factions of Christmas models on who had the best Christmas!

PP: New Releases The Wanderer & Skorne Command

The Skorne Command book hit shelves and the Gyrmkin have a new Warlock on the move!

Warmachine: Best of the Best – Skorne Warlocks

Ranking the top three Skorne Warlocks in Warmachine and Hordes.

Skorne: Venator Dakar Shoots em Down

Skorne’s shooting is getting an upgrade.  Come check out the Venator Dakar, today’s new solo.

Skorne Dominar Morghoul & Escorts Hits You FAST

Morghoul3 is out now and he has brought some lady friends to the party.  Check out the latest installment of Skorne’s favorite assassin.

Skorne: Chiron Brings the Spray

Skorne’s whippy warlock Xekaar’s personal character beast is here.  Let’s check out this giant basilisk.

Privateer Press: Painting with Skorne

That’s right. Time to break out the Red and Gold because Privateer Press is here with some Skorneful painting tutorials.

Privateer: May Skorne Releases

Look to the east – Skorne reinforcements walk in the footsteps of a new leader!

Skorne: Desert Hydra Bites Bites Bites Bites Bites

There is a new king gargantuan and it isn’t a troll. Come check out Skorne’s many headed threat.

Privateer: New Skorne & Menoth Army Boxes

Warmahordes players – two new all in one 50pt army boxes are being unveiled for you Makeda & Vindictus fans.

What's New