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Outside the Box 11-28-14

Hello again and welcome to the Black Friday edition of Outside the Box with news from Infinity, Raging Heroes, Dark Age Games, Avatars of War and much more! It’s Black Friday, so don’t forget to check out some of the amazing sales going on right now! Infinity   December brings two new releases for Infinity: –-> […]

Outside the Box 08-29-14

Hello and welcome to the newest edition of Outside the Box! This time we have new releases for Infinity, more Planetfall previews, Marauders of the Apocalypse, a twisted Artful Dodger and much more – Enjoy! Infinity Something big is coming: The Maghariba Guard And of course the next wave of new releases: –-> More Infinity News […]

Outside the Box 11-29-13

  Here we go again! Beside drooling over Black Friday deals I found some time to sum up this weeks Outisde the Box news, including Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Spartan Games, Infinity, GCT Studios, Knight Models, Cipher Studios, Action Games Miniatures, Troublemaker Games, Tabletop Workshop and a brand new company, Runecast Miniatures! Plus lots of […]

Outside the Box 12-14-12

  Another week gone, time for Outside the Box! We have news from Warlord Games, Mierce Miniatures, Mantic Games, Raging Heroes, Spartan Games, Knight Models, MaxMini, Lead Adventure and Tabletop Art as well as new crowdfunding projects. Enjoy! Warlord Games Again an excellent week for Bolt Action – New variants of the order dice, the […]

Outside the Box 11-30-12

  Again I have a lot of nice stuff for you, including news from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures , Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Infinity, Avatars of War, Infamy Miniatures, Tercio Creativo and Tabletop World, as well as a new bunch of interesting crowdfunding campaigns. Enjoy! Warlord Games Again a lot of interesting new stuff. The […]

Outside the Box 05-11-12

   Wow, this week I’ll show you heaps of pics! Spartan Games is back with some huge new announcements, and we have Warlord Games, Gangfight Game Studio, Tabletop Art, Bushido, BaneLegion, Lead Adventure, Hawk Wargames and Lone Gunman Games, too! Warlord Games  Not as many new releases as we are used to, but Warlord Games is […]

Outside the Box 05-05-12

   OMG, I almost didn’t made it in time. But actually I am quite happy to have waited so long because about half of the things I want to show you only popped up today! This week we have Warlord Games, Infinity, Smart Max, Tabletop World, Bushido, Wrath of Kings, Knight Models, Defiance Games and […]

Outside the Box 01-29-11

This week we have new for you from Spartan Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Infinity, Warlord Games and Mantic Games. Additionally, we have a Fantasy building special and an exclusive preview of new Harwood Hobbies miniatures! Warlord Games A lot of Bolt Action releases this week, including new Chindits and the re-release of three Sherman variants and […]