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Chaos Marines, Vigilus 2, Warmachine, X-Wing Wave 3, & More! 

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Mar 25 2019

This weekend has been CRAZY! Everything from new Chaos Marines, Vigilus 2, Warmachine, X-Wing Wave 3, new minis, rules, teasers and RPG goodies. Get in here!

40K: Codex Chaos Space Marine Overview

Codex Chaos Space Marines (II) is here. Here’s our look inside the book!

40K: Abaddon The Despoiler Mini Unboxed

The Warmaster of Chaos has returned. Check out Abaddon’s brand new model and fancy new box!

FFG: X-Wing Wave 3 Now Available

“Begun, the Clone Wars have” ~Yoda

Codex CSM: Meet the Lord Discordant – Mini, Rules & Background

His mini

40K: Chaos Space Marines & The Noctilith Crown Unboxed

The new Chaos Marines and Noctilith Crown sets are here. Take a look inside the box!

Codex CSM: Meet the Dark Apostle & Friends – Mini, Rules & Background

His blasphemous miniature is amazing, and now it’s time to look at his rules and background.

GW Pre-Order Pricing & Links: Chaos Space Marine Tide Rises

Check out the new wave of Chaos Space Marines, Abaddon, and Vigilus Ablaze goodies up for pre-order this weekend!

40K: Vigilus Ablaze – Inside the Covers

We’ve got a copy of the Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze campaign book – join us on a guided tour!


Starfinder: Solar Secrets Heat Up In Soldiers Or Brass

The new Starfinder adventure path is putting the hot into hot data. Foil a musem heist, recover stolen data–all on a city built in the corona of a sun.

Privateer Press: Adepticon Prerelease Previews

Grab a glimpse of what awaits you at Adepticon from Privateer Press–with new release for Warmachine, Hordes, and Monsterpocalypse.

Vigilus Ablaze: Orders of Battle and a Slaanesh Tease

Vigilus Ablaze is here. Let’s take a look at the massive forces involved and an interesting appearance by an old Slaaneshi friend.

40K: Next Week – New Terminators And Havocs

Next week from GW, all-new Havocs and Terminators are coming. Check them out today, pre-order them Saturday!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Vigilus Ablaze: Orders of Battle and a Slaanesh Tease