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Shadowspear Fully Revealed, Warmachine Infernals, Pathfinder Bundle & More

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Mar 4 2019

This weekend we saw every mini in Shadowspear and rules revealed, a first look at the Infernal minis for Warmachine, one heck of an amazing bundle for Pathfinder players, a look at the saddest 40K units and Pimpcron!

Privateer Press: First Look At The Infernals Behind The Scenes

Crawling out of the darkness of Imoren’s past, looking to collect on a debt owed by all humanity–the Infernals are here. And nothing in the Iron Kingdoms will ever be the same. Come take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of an Infernal.

Pimpcron: Improving Your 40K Tactics

Pimpcron breaks the norm and gives you lessons on how to play the game – kind of.

Plastic Dudesmen #5 – Direct to Video

Another month and another Plastic Dudesmen. I don’t know about you but the idea of Chaos Space Marines having a ton of Daemonic engines just sounds cool to me.

40K: Top 5 Saddest Units – 8th Ed Edition

Some units just don’t get any love. Let’s see if we can’t give them the attention they crave.

GW Pre-Orders Pricing & Links: NEWcromunda, Orks, & Titans Bits

The Ambots are here as well as Adeptus Titanicus weapons sprues. Plus a pair of Trukks now have their own boxes.

40K BREAKING – Shadowspear Datasheets Leaked, New Primaris Units Spotted

The photato strikes again–leaked pics of the datasheets from Shadowspear are out. Massive spoiler alert, of course. But right now we’re taking a look at all the new Primaris units featured in Shadowspear, along with one of two new psychic disciplines.

40K BREAKING: Leaked Chaos Marine Datasheets – New Units And Rules

The Photato Strikes Back! Leaked datasheets have been making the rounds–here’s what’s new for Chaos in Shadowspear. Come take a look!

RPG: Paizo Humble Bundle – Pathfinder 10th Anniversary

Pathfinder is turning ten years old this year, and is celebrating by releasing a new edition. Before that happens, though, you have a chance to snatch up basically everything you could want for a song. Come check it out.

40K BREAKING: Shadowspear Minis Reveal

Shadowspear is deploying more rapidly than we thought. Thanks to the Internet, we’ve got a look at all the minis–a grainy, single page look, but a look nonetheless–come what awaits you inside Shadowspear.


40K: Pre-Order Shadowspear Next Week – Full Box Revealed

Strike Force Shadowspear is here next week, here’s a look at everything in the box, including the two new mini-codexes, campaign book, and high quality pics of the new minis.

Privateer Press: New Releases – Grymkin, Menoth, And More

Come see what’s new from Privateer Press–this week, the Grymkin get a new monstrosity, the Initiates of the Wall report for duty, and the Planet Eaters are called to the feast by the Harbinger Comet in Monsterpocalypse.

  • 40K BREAKING: Leaked Chaos Marine Datasheets - New Units And Rules