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FoW – Tactica Roo

Coxer 4 Minute Read October 11

Ahh one of my favourite units, and I’m going to look at how to use them. Hi all coxer here from Breakthrough Assault, and I’m discussing the British armoured transport the kangaroo, both Ram and Sherman. So for those of you who don’t know what a kangaroo is let me enlighten you. During the war […]

FoW – Airsupport 101

Coxer 4 Minute Read October 4

Hi all Coxer here examining a probably overlooked aspect of Flames of War  – Air Support!  Air support is available to a huge variety of lists with multiple different planes being available. Broadly speaking air has two roles, ground attack and interception, but first a quick look at the mechanics of air (and anti air) […]

FoW – Mastering Artillery

Coxer 7 Minute Read September 20

Hi all Coxer here from Breakthrough Assault talking about the uses of artillery in Flames of War. (And a pic of some I found in Cyprus). I’m going to be honest and say artillery is one of my favourite things to use and my favourite thing to moan about too. Artillery can range from mortars through […]

FoW – Getting Rid of Dug in Veteran Infantry

Coxer 4 Minute Read August 29

Hi all, I’m going to try and tackle one of the most difficult problems in FoW, how to remove Dug in Veteran Infantry. Anyone who’s played the game will have needed to assault infantry – and when they’re all vet’s with MG’s and Fausts they can seem an almost impossible problem to deal with – […]

The Transition to FoW pt.3 – Painting 15mm Models

Coxer 3 Minute Read August 16

Starting Flames of War will get you into the world of painting 15mm models.  Here is what you need to know: Hi all coxer here once again with what is probably my least favourite thing to talk about, painting. I actually enjoy painting but frankly I’m not very good at it so always feel a […]

FoW List Review – SS Panzerbrigade Westfalen

Coxer 5 Minute Read August 9

Hi all Coxer here from Breakthrough Assault – taking a  look at a specific German list which I think has some appeal, either from a historical or gaming perspective.  I’ve decided to start by taking a rather topical list which I mentioned in my ‘Remagen’ review – the SS Panzerbrigade Westfalen. Now firstly – don’t […]

Flames of War: Early War – What’s Going On?

Coxer 4 Minute Read August 2

Hi all coxer here, and I thought I’d turn everyone’s mind back to 1939-1941… Why? Well that’s when the Early War period of FoW is set. It’s a era I’ve only been playing in recent months and after a recent tournament have really enjoyed it compared to late/mid war. Here’s a few reasons why The […]

FoW: Setting up Infantry for Defence vs Tanks.

Coxer 4 Minute Read July 25

Hi All Coxer here from Breakthrough Assault, this time I’m talking tactics, and how you can set up your infantry to defend an objective. This can never be a comprehensive article as terrain/opposition will always shape your deployment, but there are a few simple tips and tricks which can help. Infantry in front of the […]

FoW – Smoke Tactics

Coxer 3 Minute Read July 18

Hi all coxer here again, today I wanted to talk about smoke in FoW and it’s uses.  Smoke comes in two forms, direct and bombardment – and it has two principle effects – units shooting through smoke can only see 16 inches, and if the target you’re shooting at is obscured by smoke it counts […]

The Transition to FoW Pt.2 – Historical Gaming

Coxer 3 Minute Read July 11

Many wargamers are afraid of “historical gaming”.  Here’s why you shouldn’t be:Hi all Coxer here with part 2 of my Transitioning to FoW series – part 1 dealt with some of the game play concepts which were new to me when I started, and this time I’m dealing with playing a historical wargame. How “Historical” is Flames of […]

Transition to Flames of War: Pt1 – Gameplay

Coxer 3 Minute Read July 4

Learning to play Flames of War can seem daunting – but here are the basics to get you going! Hi all, one thing which really stuck with me the other day was a gaming friend saying to me ‘I appreciate that you guys like that game but it just seems hard to get into’ we […]

FoW: Mastering the Panzer 4.

Coxer 4 Minute Read June 27

Here’s where to look to find the best of the “German Shermans” – the Panzer IV! The Panzer 4 aka the ‘German Sherman’, one of the most commonly used tanks – and this is looking at how to use it in your Flames of War late war lists. So why is the Panzer 4 so […]