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Thomas aka Goatboy

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HOBBY: Goatboy Loves To Draw

Hi Goatboy here. I’ve gotten few requests for “drawing how-tos” regarding my 40k pictures that I throw up on BoLS. So here you all go! As much as I enjoy throwing dice and painting armies I also like to draw. Here is a peek into my process for creating some of the artwork you see […]

Slaanesh Tactica – By Darkwynn

Here is the final part of the Daemon Tactica that was requested that focuses on the Dark Prince and Lord of Pleasure. I took a different route than everyone else picking Slaanesh because in my mind, it focus on speed and efficiency to win games. Let’s break the units down. HQ: Keeper of Secrets: At […]

Daemon Tactica – Nurgle

I am not the biggest fan of Daemons currently. I feel they can just get too screwed by not rolling that 3+ when you need too. But they can be very fun to play and allow you to ignore certain aspects of the game that other armies have to live by. Since I am the […]

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Paint Theme

Goatboy here again. Instead of delving into some kind of tournament nonsense I thought I would go into how I like to work a visual theme into my armies. Nothing is worse to me, then a completely non painted army that you see week in and week out. I know we all can’t be painters, […]