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End Times: Khaine – Malekith

Move over Nagash – today we take a detailed look at Malekith as presented in End Times: Khaine! There are many tyrants and ne’er do-wells in the world of Warhammer Fantasy, but none with quite as “illustrious” a career of villainy as the Witch King of Naggaroth – Malekith, scorned son of Aenarion and rightful […]

REVIEW: End Times – Khaine

The End Times: Khaine came out last week to add yet another phenomenal chapter to the End Times story. The Rhana Dandra has come, and the Elven nations will never be the same again. Like all of the End Times books so far, the presentation on this one is top notch. The cover is clean […]

End Times Khaine: Tally of Destruction & the Dead

With each new End Times book comes a new swathe of destruction cut across the Fantasy world. Famous and well known characters bite the dust and entire lands crumble into history and Khaine was no exception. I think this would go without saying, but SPOILERS below! SPOILERS!!! Seriously… Naggaroth The home of the Dark Elves comes under […]

FIRST LOOK REVIEW – End Times Khaine

Civilizations are rising and falling in the Olde World, and even the Elves are not immune. The End Times have pitted brother against brother (literally) as the Elves struggle to unite and fend off the Daemonic incursions from the north. If you are a fan of the Elven lore, this may be the book for you.  The new […]

End Times Khaine: Latest Teases

End Times Khaine is looking sharp – This one is shaping up to be just as full of awesome art as Nagash and Glottkin. Come Look! Check out the latest peeks inside: Warhammer:Khaine via the iTunes Store and GW: Take a REALLY good look at this picture.  Lots of hints in this one! Read this […]

END TIMES: Khaine Teaser

End Times Khaine is looking sharp – Come see what the fuss is about on the fastest selling GW book in recent times! First the video: Then the awesome artwork and peeks inside: via the iTunes Store: ~I want to know the REALLY happened to Malekith when he walked through the flames… Something’s fishy…

WFB: End Times III: Khaine Arrives (and GOES!)

End Times Khaine and goodies arrives – We are now three for three – Khaine is GONE! Warhammer Khaine $66 (Sold OUT!) Ulthuan teeters on the brink of ruin as Daemons run rampant across its Ten Kingdoms. Meanwhile, in the grim north of Naggaroth, Malekith the Witch King prepares to face his destiny once and […]

WFB End Times III – The Legacy of Khaine

WFB Tidalwave! The latest info on End Times III just wont stop. Get on in here! pic via L’Astropate OK, so here are the tidbits revealed regarding the Elven Rhana Dandra (Their final battle) – Ulthuan is under attack by a Daemonic Horde – Naggaroth is under siege by Valkia’s Khornate Hordes. – The Phoenix […]

WFB End Times III – Malekith Rides!

The latest shot of the upcoming End Times III is out in all it’s retro glory!  Get on in here! pic via warseer’s ofthethorn So some cool points… Yes that does look like Malekith fighting alongside High Elf Phoenix guard! That’s an eye-opener… Also after months of awesome new GW models it’s strange to see […]