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Bushido: Painting the Blood Brothers

Follow along as GentleBen runs through these WiP shots taken while painting Shuohuang.

Bushido: Wave 37 Available for Pre-Order

Bushido fans, Hiretsuna, Jade Mamba Guard & Golden Sentinel are ready for your attention.

Bushido: Unboxing the Blood Brothers

This is the first unboxing of my favorite Gencon minis. We start with the Blood Brothers, a brand new set of Ronin from Bushido.

Bushido: Unboxing the Sworn Sisters

Today I have another unboxing article for some more of my favorite gencon minis: this time it’s the Sworn Sisters for Bushido.

Bushido: Silvermoon Starter Unboxing & Analysis

  Today the  “legitimate” businessman of the Silvermoon Syndicate are under the microscope.

Bushido: Blood Brothers, Ronin, Legends

Take a look at the legendary brotherhood of Ronin, the Blood Brothers. Master swordsmen all, these hunted brothers depend on each other for survival.

Bushido: Yurei Starter Unboxing and Review

Today I’m going to open up the Yurei starter for Bushido to show what’s inside and discuss how it all works.

SHOWCASE: Painting Bushido’s Ro-Kan Starter – Master Ekusa

My first Bushido force is complete! Lets do a step by step with master Ekusa.

Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu Unboxing & Rules

This time I’m breaking open the Prefecture of Ryu Starter to look at the models and discuss how they play on the table.

Bushido: Savage Wave Starter Unboxing and Analysis

I’m cracking into some more Bushido models, and discussing what makes them tick.

Bushido: Unboxing Wave 34’s New Minis

Today I’m going to be unboxing the latest releases from Bushido’s Ito Clan, Tengu Descension & Ro-kan.

Bushido: Two New Models Approach

GCT studios shows off two new models for Bushido – it’s Pirates vs Ninjas in this preview!

What's New