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My 2018 LVO, as a 40k Head Judge

Hello everyone, SaltyJohn here to bring you a run down of my time as a Head Judge at the 2018 Las Vegas Open!

40K: Kazzigum’s Admittedly Late LVO Report

Behold, Kazzigum returns triumphant from LVO!  Well, less defeated anyway. Here’s what I learned.

A Teachable Moment from LVO 40k Championships

Hello everyone, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson here discussing the streamed etiquette incident that went down at the LVO.

40K: Sportsmanship & Competitive Gaming – An Uneasy Pair

BlackBlowFly here to talk about the best and worst of sportsmanship he’s seen in competitive 40K tourneys this last week!

40K Op-ed: The Madness of LVO’s Best List

LVO 2018 has come and gone again, lets take a look at the Best List From LVO.

40K: The Unbeatable List – LVO 2018

It’s all over and out of hundreds, only one list fought it’s way to the winner’s circle. Meet the current king of 40K’s Meta:

What Will GW Reveal Today at LVO?

This evening, GW is holding a product reveal seminar at the Las Vegas Open. Here’s what we think will be in there:

A Guide to Media Coverage of the 2018 Las Vegas Open

I have the scoop on all things LVO. Click here if you want to know where to find top lists, Age of Sigmar and 40k battles streamed live from LVO. 

Las Vegas Open 2018 Registration is Open!

LVO 2018 Registration is open and tickets are selling FAST! LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUMBLE!

40K: Tzeentchian Schemes and Machinations III

Kazzigum navigates the confusing fog of a delirious haze to take his third step upon the Nine-fold Path of Change.

40K Current Army Meta – LVO 2017

Today take a look at what armies are hot and who’s note in the 40K meta. You’ll be shocked!  

LVO Recap: Starring Warhammer TV’s Rob and Eddie

Signals #505: Starring very special guests Rob and Eddie from the Warhammer Community team.

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