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Prodos: New Cheyenne Dropship is Huge

This highly detailed, limited edition flyer is 16″ long and weighs in at 3 pounds.

Prodos: Last days of Summer AVP sale

Less than 48 hours left in this massive sale – up to 40% off!

Prodos: Space Crusade Miniatures Get An Update!

Prodos Games is back with more of the models from Space Crusaders – Now with more Armor!

BoLS Unboxing: AVP: Alien Stalkers, Crusher & Royal Guard

Prodos Games is back with more AVP goodies – We have the Alien Stalkers, Crusher & The Royal Guard!

BoLS Unboxing: AVP: Predators & The Predalien!

Check out the new Retail/Shipping options from Prodos Games’ boardgame Alien vs Predator. It’s the Predator & Predalien!

Warzone: Resurrection Global Online Campaign

Welcome to the first (and hopefully not the last!) multi-month world-wide campaign for Warzone: Resurrection.

AVP: Weyland-Yutani & Predator Add-ons

Prodos Games unveils some new “Humans” to join the fray – and a close in unveil of the Predators to boot!

Wargames Gallery 11-17-2015 “Is This a Bug-hunt?”

“What do you mean THEY cut the power?”

Warzone War Stories: Mass Production

The production of some goods is harder (and stranger) than for others…

AVP: New Releases INCOMING!

The Hunt is heating up with these new add-ons for AVP. It’s Queens, Crushers, and Power Loaders, oh my!

Wargames Gallery 10-18-2015 “If it bleeds, we can kill it”

“Someone better call Dutch or Ripley”

Warzone Games & Theory: The Prize

Warzone: Resurrection’s mechanics mean that it is easy to play a multi-player game (three or more players at the one time). Let’s get playing!  

What's New