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Mantic: Gear Up For Walking Dead Wave Four

Wave four of the Walking Dead is on the horizon. Here’s some of the new tools that will help you survive…the Walking Dead.

GenCon 50: Mantic Games Booth

Mantic Games had some pretty cool announcements at GenCon 50 – join us on a guided tour!

Mantic: Walking Dead Wave Three

Wave Three of the Walking Dead is at hand. Time to know your enemy.

Mantic: Pre-Order Walking Dead Wave 3

The latest expansion – Safety Behind Bars – is now available for pre-order.

Mantic: The Year So Far & What’s Up Next

Ronnie updates us on Mantic’s Kickstarters, the KoW summer campaign, and more….

Toyland: The Walking Dead Cast Gets Their Stripes

This SDCC exclusive set from Skybound gives Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel the retro treatment.

Walking Dead: Negan and Ezekiel Boosters

The next wave of The Walking Dead: All Out War is shambling forth!

New Walking Dead Wave 2 Bundle is a Monster Deal

Mantic’s Wave Two of All Out War is nearly here – pre-order the entire wave before the walkers get you!

Walking Dead KS Exclusives Now Available

Cash in your Mantic Points for these Kickstarter exclusives…

Walking Dead: April’s “Unmissable” Offer

Ronnie at Mantic Games has an offer you NEED to see if you love The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead: Diorama Available in March Only

The Walking Dead diorama everyone has been bashing their heads in trying to get is almost gone – HURRY!

Walking Dead: Mantic Rolls Out Dale’s RV

Survive the zombie apocalypse in style with one terrain kit you can sink your (hobby) teeth into.

What's New