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Deepkin Wave 2, Necromunda, D&D Classics, Cryx, Hellboy & Groot!

  This weekend was busy gamers. We have Idoneth Keepkin Wave 2, Necromunda imminent, a D&D classic returns, Cryx pirates, Hellboy & I AM GROOT!

P3 Painting – Guardians of the Crucible and Satyxis Scarlets

Get ready to get painting with these tutorial videos. We’ve got one to help finish the details on your Satyxis solos, and another paint-along that takes you through a swath of Crucible Guard.

Privateer Press – Blighted Trollkin, Black Ogrun Belchers, and Misery

Prepare yourself, not only are the Satyxis setting sail, they are joined by the bigger, beefier forces of the Cryx fleets this week. Get your Black Ogrun Belchers and Blighted Trollkin Marauders today.

Khador’s New Battle Engine Chariots Up for Pre-Order

  BAM-BAM-BAM! Khador’s new pair of gun-toting battle engines is here. Take a look at the latest cold-blooded killers in Warmachine!

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Blighted Ogrun Adventuring Company Rules

  Privateer’s got an all new blighted option for your Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures!

Hordes: Baldur the Stonecleaver Does More than Play with His Rocks

baldur image

  Let’s go on a deep dive and talk about Circle’s most dependable, versatile caster that you aren’t using. Want to start playing Circle Orboros? Need a caster for your next Steamroller? Look no further than Baldur1.

GW’s Deepkin Rise to the Surface, Plus Privateer, Hellboy & Star Wars Minis!

  Idoneth Deepkin come up from the deeps, Cryx Raiders, Hellboy and Star Wars heroes and villains blast onto your tabletop!

Shading Satyxis, Painting Purples, and Building Boats – P3 Painting

It’s an alliterative althing this week, with a bunch of techniques on display to help you get your Satyxis raiders looking their best, and a look at Skarre’s massive ghost ship getting assembled. This model is a beast of a boat. Let’s take a look!

Set Sail With Satyxis Next Week – Privateer Press

The Satyxis Solos set sail soon, you’ll see a whole bunch of special characters who bring the deadly grace and brutal lethality of the Satyxis to the Cryx fleets. Get your fleet prepped for these femmes fatale.

Warmachine: Jussika Bloodtongue Slaughter Fleet Tactics

  The Cryx Slaughter Fleet has arrived! With it comes the fearsome Jussika Bloodtongue, let’s take a look at this new command attachment for Blighted Trollkin units.

P3: Paint the (Khadoran) Town Red (And Gold)

Khador gleams red and gold, two proud colors that represent the Khadoran army in all her fierceness. Make sure you do the Motherland proud with your Warjacks painted brightly for all to see the glory of Khador on display.

Warmachine: First Shot Events In May

Do you have a family member, friend or anyone you know that is interested in giving Warmachine a shot? Privateer Press is running an Organized Play event that you’re going to want to mark your calendar for – First Shot Events are coming in May 2018!

What's New