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March 2010

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Phantom Titan & More!!! (Pics)

HOLY COW!!!  Forgeworld had their open day yesterday in Nottingham, and my oh my check out the amazing stuff they unveiled.Everyone expected to see a bunch of Ork, Raven Guard, and Imperial Guard stuff from the upcoming Imperial Armour:8 book, but I think everyone was flabbergasted to lay eyes on an Eldar Phantom titan.  This baby is […]

Wargames Gallery 3-28-10

Behold “Team Beerhammer” in the early afternoon.I can only image what they looked like by the end of the Apocalypse game 🙂 ~OK guys, get the cameras going! Lets see some great user submitted pics! If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We […]

Adepticon Update: 40K Championship Finals

Goatboy Wins Best Overall!!!! (Space Wolves – Track1 event) BushidoredPanda Wins Best General Championship! (CSM Abaddon – Track2 event) The Adepticon Championship is over and Goatboy and BushidoRedPanda have brought home a bit of tabletop glory.  Goatboy’s Space Goats and Bushido’s CSM list took in some top honors in the dual track event. ~Lists and batreps coming […]

Hobby: Yellow like a Submarine

The color yellow is the bane to many a figure painter, but it doesn’t have to be. Before we dive into this subject let’s talk paint and what it is made of. Paint has three parts: binder, vehicle, and pigment. Binder is what keeps the other two parts of the paint together. Too little binder […]

Armies of Hordes: Trollbloods at a Glance

The constant wars between the Human inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms have ensured that there are still vast tracts of undeveloped wilderness within their borders. Stretching on for hundreds of miles, these places serve as a home to many of the less “advanced” humanoid races of Imorren. Perhaps the most powerful of these varied people […]

Observations From the Tournament Floor

Hi guys,  whew, the BoLS crew is playing, talking, and have a great time up here, but most of all we are taking it all in, and looking for the big trends in the individual games and the wargaming environment as a whole.  Here in no particular order are a few things you may want […]

40K: Which way do we go? Inquisitional Allies Choice

Here’s an interesting debate, which Inquisitor ally do you take?  It seems like more and more players take an Inquisitor ally with Mystics to protect against deep strike threats like Daemons, Drop Marines, and shortly Decent of Angels. Now we’re all adding in a Psychic Hood for threats like Tyranids, Space Wolves, Eldar, and quite […]

Adepticon Hall Walkthrough and Table Layouts

Hi guys, I wanted you to get a feel for the scale of the Adepticon event floor, and this only one of the two major halls.  In particular, check out the terrain levels on the tables. ~So there you go.  Now you have a baseline of what the overall level of terrain and board layouts […]

Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out Sirs

Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out SirsbyRevenant There is ways to hit characters in units without having to melee them to death. Consider trying to kill annoying wizards or heroes with some unconventional methods. Listed below is a few ways to threaten characters from range: Magic: There are quite a few spells that pick out characters. […]

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