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Chaos Marine, Star Wars LEGION, Warmachine, New Minis & RPG Tips

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Apr 1 2019

Chaos Marines got some hard hitting minis this weekend, along with Star Wars Legion, and Warmachine. Plus we have some tips for Gamemasters to spice up your games.

40K: Perdition’s Flame Sets Warhammer Horror Alight In The Distant Future

Perdition’s Flame is an upcoming audiodrama, first of its name–and first of its kind in the new Warhammer Horror imprint. Come learn what gruesome, terrifying threats you’ll see when Perdition’s Flame is set alight.

RPG: 5 Tips To Level-Up Your Encounters

Give your encounters some bite and character of their own with these quick tips!

FFG New Releases: Krennic, Death Troopers, & More Out Now

Fantasy Flight Games has a handful of new products out this week – come take a look and see what you can score at your FLGS!

40K: Chaos Space Marine Terminators Unboxed

The new breed of Chaos Space Marine Terminators are here and they are going to take your lunch money.

40K Adepticon 2019 – The Championship Lists

The games are over and the victor has been declared – check out what lists managed to take it all the way!

40K: Unboxing Chaos Space Marine Havocs

The new plastic Havoc are here for the Chaos Space Marines – come take a look inside and see EXACTLY what you’re getting.

Star Wars: Armada – ‘Rebellion in the Rim’ Campaign Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada – Rebellion in the Rim.

40K: Horus Heresy Classics Back In Print

As the Siege of Terra nears its launch, there’s a new Horus Heresy bundle arriving, and with it, the chance to grab some of your favorite novels, up for Print on Demand for a limited time.

Privateer Press: New Releases – Steelhead Edition

It’s a Steelhead spectacular this week, as Privateer Press brings you two new Steelhead units ready to fight–as long as the coin is good.


40K: Hints From Vigilus’ Three Keeper of Secrets

GW may be letting us know what to expect with the new Keeper of Secrets kits with the three daemons who rampaiged through Vigilus Ablaze. Take a look.

40K: Next Week – Lord Discordant Reigns Supreme

Next week from GW, the Chaos Lord Discordant is arriving! Check them out today, pre-order them Saturday!

  • Privateer Press: New Releases - Steelhead Edition