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New Tau, Sisters, AoS Next Army, plus Privateer, Pathfinder & X-Wing

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Jan 05

GW pulled the covers off a lot of stuff this weekend, from Teclis’ new army, to more Sisters, and new T’au. Then take a look inside Aether War, see Privateer’s and X-Wing’s – and the next big Pathfinder rules expansion.

Warhammer 40K: New Years Open Day – More Sisters of Battle Revealed

We knew Games Workshop was saving more Sisters of Battle for 2020 – come take a look at all the new kits coming soon!

Age of Sigmar: Wrath of the Everchosen Announced At New Years Open Day

It’s time to decide who the real “Big Bad” of 2020 will be for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It’s the Death vs Chaos in Wrath of the Everchosen!

Warhammer 40K: Shadowsun Is Officially Unveiled

Commander Shadowsun is getting a new miniature! It’s about time we got some new Xenos love, right?

Geekery: Trailerpalooza – Retro Weirdness, Deadpool, Giant Worms, and More

It’s that time again – I’ve got more news than I have posts in a week. Changes in the MCU, the return of Guy Ritchie, and a new anime that follows up on Char’s Counter Attack.

Star Wars: X-Wing – ‘Hotshots And Aces’ Preview For Scum, Empire, & First Order

Fantasy Flight Games is showcasing the new Hotshots and Aces of Scum & Villainy, The Empire, and The First Order!

Games Workshop Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Aether War Weekend

To the skies! There’s Ur-Gold in the clouds to be had this weekend from Games Workshop!

Pathfinder: 2nd Edition Advanced Player’s Guide On The Horizon

The playtest is at an end, come take a look at the upcoming Advanced Player’s Guide, due out for preorder in July of this year.

Privateer Press New Releases: Howlers, Robots, And Dinos, Oh My

Come see what’s new from Privateer Press this week. Infernals slink out of the dark corners of the world, alongside a whole bunch of robots.


Age of Sigmar: Aether War Unboxed

The Aether War has arrived, bringing war to the skies above the Mortal Realms. What’s in the box? Well come take a close look for yourself.

Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Sisters Of Battle Codex, Triumph Of St. Katherine, And More Next Weekend

Next week’s new releases are an unboxing of sorts–the Sororitas Codex and new Battle Sisters are available individually, plus: Triumph of St. Katherine.

Age of Sigmar’s New Army: Pointy Aelves

What has been going down in Hysh? It seems like Teclis has been hard at work brinring the Light Aelves (or pointy aelves) to life.

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