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40K: Curse of the Wulfen Sequel Series

Black Library is revealing what happens after the events of Curse of the Wulfen – in 8 parts… Here’s the details:

Goatboy: Curse of the Wulfen Sequel Predictions!

Goatboy here again to pull out my crystal ball and maybe guess what the continuation of the Wulfen campaign might bring to the tabletop.

40K Rumors: Curse of the Wulfen Sequel

You just knew there was going to be a sequel to that Fenris cliffhanger.  Here’s the latest info doing the rounds…

Goatboy’s 40K: Good, Bad, and Ugly – Curse of the Wulfen

Goatboy here again and today I want to go into a quick and dirty review of some of the new goodies we got in the Curse of the Wulfen book.

Curse of The Wulfen: What are the Top 5 Formations?


What are the best formations in the new Curse of the Wulfen supplement? Come see our list and listen to our thoughts in this week’s podcast / webcast!

40K: Curse of The Wulfen Book: REVIEW

Come see the newest rules set for Warhammer 40k; Curse of the Wulfen. Checkout the first look review of the new book, and some brief tips & tactics!

Ten Spoilers From Curse of the Wulfen You Need To Know

Some lucky hobbyists have the Curse of the Wulfen book and are dishing on the what happening to the Space Wolves and why they are under attack!

Curse of the Wulfen Contents & Characters – CONFIRMED

  Curse of the Wulfen is out there – and here’s your first glimpse inside the covers. Come see exactly what’s in the campaign!

Curse of the Wulfen – All the Formations!

The book is coming, come see every formation in the Curse of the Wulfen – Both Chaos and Space Wolves!

Tabletop Spotlight: Wulfen Releases

The Tabletop Spotlight is on the new Curse of the Wulfen Book and the new Space Wolf Wulfen Box!

40K: Space Wolves Wulfen Edition CONFIRMED!

Space Wolf Pups and Long Fangs rejoice: The Space Wolves Wulfen Edition is available to purchase NOW! Check this out!

WD 106 Preview: New Wulfen & Daemons REVEALED


Come see all the new Wulfen and Chaos Daemons art, rules and more in this week’s White Dwarf.

GW: New Wulfen Pre-Order Pics Arrive Early!

Get ready for a rabid, wolf-like feeding frenzy – Curse of the Wulfen Limited Editions Starting to go on sale NOW!

Rise of the Wulfen – 1st Turn Charges: Round 2

  Come see ANOTHER crazy combo that will get the Wulfen into assault with the enemy even faster than before!

40K Breaking: Wulfen & Tzeentch Pics Spotted!

Today we get more glimpses of the Curse of the Wulfen book. Come see the latest Wulfen and Chaos pics!

40K BREAKING: Guess Who Hunts the Wulfen?

The Wulfen are appearing all over the Imperium. But as they hunt, so are they hunted by mankind’s most potent defenders!

40k’s New First Turn Assault! – The Rise of the Wulfen

Come see the crazy combo that may just literally release the hounds on first turn assaults for the new Wulfen in 40k.

Are the New Wulfen Really as Good As Everyone is Saying?


The Space Wolves are coming. Checkout just how good the new Wulfen models really are, and what we may just see in the future META wise.

40K: Wulfen Rules – Take 2

The latest set of Wulfen rules to hit the internet is doing the rounds.   Now we can see just how deadly they really are:

40K: Ugly Models – Amazing Rules – The Wulfen are here!


These Wulfen are amazing. I’ll never buy another terminator again! Let’s dive into the rules!