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40K: More Dark Angels Rules Spotted

Spotted out in the wild, Dark Angels rules in White Dwarf pics.

40K: Dark Angels Inbound

Get your ravenwings out and prepare to brood, Dark Angels are coming.

40K BREAKING: Marbo, Primaris Blood & Dark Angel Minis

Sly Marbo is BACK, and with him some new Primaris Dark Angels and Blood Angels minis. Check em out!

40K Lore: Dark Angels’ Ravenwing, Deathwing, Ironwing & More

The Dark Angels have six rare formations, some unused in millennia. Come loremasters and learn the secrets organizations of The Unforgiven.

40K: Space Marines Conquer the Black Library

Space Marines are taking over the Black Library’s upcoming Weekender. Check out their new Space Marines Conquests series.

40K Lore: The Real Fallen (Dark) Angels

Today we tread the path of heresy – learning of the Dark Angels most hunted foes – the Fallen – and THEIR side of the story…

What Codex Blood Angels & Dark Angels Will Tell Us

The two upcoming codexes from GW will answer one of the last unknown questions of 8th Edition – exactly how mono-chapter Astartes codexes will be handled.

40K Rumors: Is The Lion The Next Primarch

There’s a veritable tidal wave of Dark Angels rumors flying around. Grab a grain of salt, and let’s tuck in.

GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED

The last Kharadron minis descend from the clouds and the Unforgiven will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets.

40K Lore: The Fallen: Dark Angels Secret War

Loremasters, with the sightings of Cypher, it’s time to review the secret enemy of the Dark Angels – The Fallen.

40K: Cypher’s Return Teaser

Games Workshop has some more hints for Cypher’s role in the Gathering Storm. He’s bringing Hope and Despair…but for whom?

40K RUMORS: Cypher Revealed!

After decades of mystery and evasion, the Dark Angels most wanted has a name.

What's New