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Tabletop Gallery: Old School Inquisition

Looking good old-timers!

Infinity Brings New Squads To The Table This June

Whether you’re looking to field elite troopers like the Veteran Kazaks, or cheaper, fighting forces like the Keisotsu, there’s a ton of new releases coming to Infinity this June. Take a look at them today!

Tabletop Gallery: Evil Grymkin Tree

Just lower your axes and back away…

Wyrd: Rail Gunners Bring Soulstone Power to the Battlefield

  The Abyssinian armory has some of the most advanced weapons in The Other Side. These Rail Gunners pack a big punch if you choose the right target.

Harlequins, Slaanesh Revealed, New 40K Minis, Pathfinder 2, Battletech & More

It was busy out there this weekend gamers with lot of big companies showing off their upcoming editions. Take a look!

Tabletop Gallery: Sign Up For The Melee, Brawl, Or Just To Smash, Bro

Super Smash Brothers has really had to reach for new characters…but…I’d still play it.

GMM Studios: Stormcast Eternals – Congregation of the Burning Star

Hello BoLS readers! Another post, another finished army commission! Back from Adepticon and spring is in the air, I’m feeling rejuvenated and that poured into this project. More black! I love painting black.

GW: New Pre-Orders – Harlequins & Webway “Pricing & Links”

A new challenger from the Webway has appeared! The Harlequins are here and they are bringing the Webway Gate with them!

Tabletop Gallery: Patience is a Virtue

2019 is only 7 months away…

Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0 New Rebel Conversion Kit Showcased

Fantasy Flight Games popped the box on the new Star Wars: X-Wing Rebel Conversion Kits and showed off a TON of new cards. Come take a look at the changes coming your way.

GW: New Pre-Orders First Looks -The Harlequins Are Here

The Players are assembled and the mysterious dance of the Harlequin Troupe is about to begin. Codex Harlequins are out and they are bringing a few friends along for the show.

Warlord Games: Konflikt ’47 – Heavy Italian Infantry Get Gladiatorial

Warlord Games has some brand new heavy Italian infantry inspired by the Roman Gladiators of old – come check out these new minis coming in ‘Defiance’ – a soon to be released supplement!

What's New