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40K: Dark Imperium Assembly Tips

GW Painting Rockstar Duncan “Thin-your-paints” Rhodes is back with some helpful tips – but this time he’s talking assembly.

P3 Painting Tutorial: Green and Khaki Together at Last

The Retribution of Scyrah is getting a bunch of new models. Make them look amazing with these tutorials.

Privateer Press: Painting with Skorne

That’s right. Time to break out the Red and Gold because Privateer Press is here with some Skorneful painting tutorials.

Privateer Press: Painting Special Effects

Privateer Press is here to help you paint up some special effects for your models…

Painting the Lord-Relictor

New prayers for the Priests to use in Age of Sigmar meant it was time to paint up my Lord-Relictor…

Privateer Press: Painting Tutorials

Privateer Press has some great new painting advice for you…

TUTORIAL: Kairic Acolytes

Paint your Kairc Acolytes up fast and furious with this tutorial…

Knight Models Marvel Miniatures: Painting Drax

Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.

HOBBY: 40K Kairos Fateweaver Painting Tutorial

The War Gamer tackles Kairos Fateweaver in this great tutorial. Grab your brush and follow along.

Painting the Yncarne the GW Way

  Paint up the hottest new model in the webway – the awesome new Yncarne , the GW WAY with Duncan! let’s get started!

Knight Models Marvel Universe: Painting Rocket

Ain’t no thing like me, except me!

Painting a Lord of Change the GW Way

  Paint up the hottest new model in the warp – the gorgeous Lord of Change, the GW WAY with Duncan! let’s get started!

What's New