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GMM Studios: Stormcast Eternals – Congregation of the Burning Star

Hello BoLS readers! Another post, another finished army commission! Back from Adepticon and spring is in the air, I’m feeling rejuvenated and that poured into this project. More black! I love painting black.

GMM: Clan Lachesis – Primaris, Preheresy Iron Hands, LotD

Hello friends. I am back. Only two things in life that do not cease, time and myself. So let’s kick off a new year and a new project!

AoS: Khorne Army Finished, Ready to Fight

The backdrop’s been painted, the army is full of finished daemons hungry to find some blood for the blood god, time to finish this.

GMM: Khorne Backdrop Painting

With the display built, the army about done, it’s time to paint the backdrop!

GMM: Khorne Army Assembly and Backdrop

Hello BoLS readers!  I am back with the start of another army.  This one is a huge Khorne AoS army.

GMM SHOWCASE: The Last Voyage of the Crusty Anchovy

GMM Shows off the most amazing tiki-Ogre army you’ll ever see in the Age of Sigmar!

GMM Hobby: Tiki Ogre Backdrop Completed

Hello BoLS readers! Now that the backdrop is built, sealed, and ready for paint, time to get cracking.

GMM Showcase: Building a Tiki Ogre Backdrop

  Brandon from GMM here and I’m about to wrap up a cannibal themed square base Ogre Kingdoms army. So time to work on the display!

GMM Showcase: Stormcast Monster Army Finished!

Hello BoLS readers! It is finished! The big Stormcast army is a wrap, and here is the full gallery.

GMM HOBBY: Painting a MONSTER Stormcast Diorama

  Hello folks! Last time I posted a few shots of making the backdrop for the big Stormcast army. Let’s paint it!

GMM Hobby: Building a Monster Stormcast Backdrop

The huge Stormcast army is just about done, so time to start on the backdrop. It’s a BIG ONE

GMM: Stormcast Eternal Insane Project Assembly

Hello BoLS readers! I am in the middle of working on a really large Stormcast Eternals army you need to see to believe.

What's New