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Hobby: Making Your Own Extraordinary Landscapes

  Have you noticed that the grimdark of the far future seems to consist entirely of blown out ruins and sparse rock formations?  It doesn’t have to be that way.

40K Minidex – BoLS Presents Dark Apocypha Campaign Book

Download our latest campaign PDF for 40K 8th, chock full of heroes, villains and mystery to spice up your games!

40K: Building the Thunder Warriors for 8th Ed.

Today we take a stab at the Emperor’s mighty Thunder Warriors – and how we would bring them to the tabletop in 8th edition.

D&D: Mike Mearls’ Vision of Lolth

Here’s a look at what Lolth might look like as a warlock patron, as envisioned by Mike Mearls.

Pimpcron: Building A Brutal Game

Pimpcron discusses what he likes in different games.

The Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome!

After a year of effort the Unofficial Age of Sigmar Tomb Kings Battletome is ready to take the field!

Tomb Kings Age of Sigmar Allegiance Abilities

The sands stir once more as the Tomb Kings march to war with their very own unofficial Allegiance Abilities, Spells, and Artifacts.

40K: Building the Thunder Warriors

Today we take a stab at the Emperor’s mighty Thunder Warriors – and how we would bring them to the tabletop.

Four Ways To Make 40k’s Lost Patrol More Fun!

  Come see four ways to make the new game more fun and give the poor scouts a fighting chance to get to the choppa!

Making Bad 40k Characters Good

Not all of the unique characters in the 40K universe are quite up to snuff. Abusepuppy is here to fix that.

40K: Reworking the Chaos Lords

As part of the general community effort to update Chaos Marines, here are redone CSM bigshots befitting mortal princes of the Ruinous Powers.

Want to Play Tyranids in Age of Sigmar?

  Admit it – You’ve always wanted to see the Hivefleets wreck face in the Age of Sigmar. Thanks to one gaming fanatic – you can!

What's New