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October 2018

D&D Beyond Comes To Twitch

J.R. Zambrano 4 Minute Read Oct 30

Big news for D&D streamers and audiences out there, D&D Beyond and Twitch have rolled out a new extension, enabling viewers and streamers to customize their online D&D experience.

40K Rumors: Abaddon’s New Mini And More

J.R. Zambrano 3 Minute Read Oct 29

Thank the ruinous powers–after two decades, the Despoiler is getting a new model. Maybe. If the rumors prove true. Let’s take a look at the latest whisperings of Chaos as they drift, serpent-like, into the hearts of Loyal Imperial Citizens.

Orks Codex Review: Get Your Waaaaagh On – FTN

Paul Murphy 3 Minute Read Oct 29

Ork players are gonna love this!  Your wait for a codex is being WELL rewarded. Talking about the ‘good stuff’ in this book will take more than one episode.  There won’t be one way to play these boyz.. this codex has tons of options.  Check it out!