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Thomas aka Goatboy

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Goatboy 40k: Attack of the Mind Bullets!!!

Goatboy here again throwing down some 40k thoughts for those to chew, digest and sometimes enjoy :). Today I want to talk about how 5th edition and the latest armies, have really pushed the idea of “Magic” into the endless war that we know as 40k today. Each new book seems to bring about a […]

Goatboy 40k: Spamming with a Side of Spam

Goatboy here as usual with some 40k thoughts. So what I want to talk about today is, is spam really that bad? We all know that everyone has a different opinion on making a hard list. We also know everyone has different opinions on what makes for a fun game. That could include crushing all […]

Goatboy 40k: Lets make a balanced list shall we?

Goatboy here again talking about some of the things I see spamming the comment sections. The thought that duplicating units is some how wrong?I know everyone has their own opinion on that with the usually split in what most people like to spit with bile the noncompetitive and the competitive sides of the hobby. Personally, […]