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Liam Coupland

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REVIEW: Malifaux 2nd Edition Book & More

LiamCoupland 6 Minute Read Sep 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the first review of Malifaux 2nd Edition, in this first review I will look at the book, the arsenal decks and the Gencon exclusive Miss Step.   But first a thank you to Dawn McCormack, Jon Mickelburgh and everyone else involved in getting the mass gencon order over to Britain. […]

Malifaux 101: M2E Resurrectionist Master Changes

LiamCoupland 5 Minute Read Jul 20

Hi everyone and welcome to the next part of the M2E series looking at master changes, this time we will take a look at the Resurrectionists.  There have been some major changes with these, mainly in the fact we are looking at our first non Ten Thunders dual faction Master in McMourning who can now […]

Malifaux 101: M2E Guild Master Changes

LiamCoupland 4 Minute Read Jun 29

Hi everyone and welcome to this next article about M2E first up I will have a quick look at the changes to the Guild Masters and their new synergies. These are based off the masters as on 06/20/2013. Lady Justice First up she is still a melee powerhouse, but she is more of a glass […]

Malifaux 101: M2E Core Rules Changes

LiamCoupland 3 Minute Read Jun 13

Hi everyone and welcome to the first Malifaux 101 of 2nd Edition, here I will have a brief run down of the changes to the core rules of M2E from the latest beta version of the rules, just so you can see  simply what has changed since 1.5 edition. Strategies and Scheme Generation This is one […]

Malifaux: 2nd Edition Open Beta Test is Live

Hi everyone, Just a heads up, the open beta test for Malifaux 2nd edition is now live and free to download! Both the new rulebook as well as normal and printer friendly stat cards are available to download here, all comments , queries and problems can be discussed here on the Wyrd Miniatures forums. Look […]

Malifaux 101: Companion

LiamCoupland 3 Minute Read Apr 13

 Hi everyone and welcome to the next installment of Malifaux 101. This time we shall be looking at the Companion mechanism, it’s uses especially in Mss Companion Chains and Alpha strikes, I will be mostly using the Ortega Family companion chain as my key examples, but I will be looking at Master and Totem interactions […]

Malifaux Modelling Spotlight: Arkham Asylum

LiamCoupland 3 Minute Read Feb 9

Hi everyone this is the first of a new line of articles looking at various interesting modelling and paintjob ideas.  Today we see what a Malifaux – Batman mashup gets you… First up is Dave Powell’s Arkham Asylum Outcasts, he can be found on the Wyrd forums as LordofStuff as well as at his website here for […]

Malifaux: Perdita Ortega Tactics

LiamCoupland 5 Minute Read Jan 16

Hi everyone – its time for Malifaux tactics. This one is about Perdita Ortega, we should have a non-Guild tactics article next time once my co-contributor in Dominic ‘Dumb Luck’ Westerland and  myself get together to put it all together about Somer ‘Teeth’ Jones. The Basics Firstly what sort of Master is Perdita, for me she […]

Malifaux 101: Master Specific Schemes

LiamCoupland 4 Minute Read Dec 1

 Hi everyone and welcome to the third part of the Malifaux 101 series that will be focusing on Master Specific Schemes. I find that these are the schemes that can be a bit hit or miss, some of them are no-brainers especially looking at schemes from a tournament setting, whereas others require different crew […]

Malifaux 101: Faction Specific Schemes

LiamCoupland 4 Minute Read Nov 9

    Hi everyone, and welcome to the next part of the Malifaux 101 series, this is the second of three parts looking at the Schemes that you can take in your games of Malifaux, this article will look at the Faction specific schemes, these are schemes that can only be taken by Masters and […]

Malifaux: Sonnia Criid Tactics

LiamCoupland 7 Minute Read Oct 25

“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!” Attributed to Cherufe Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd Malifaux tactics post here at BoLS. This is about another of the Guild Masters, namely Sonnia Criid everyones favourite Pyromancer. The Basics Firstly what sort of Master is Sonnia Criid. She is primarily an […]

Malifaux: Lazarus Review & More

LiamCoupland 3 Minute Read Sep 30

Hi everyone. Here is the first of what will be monthly posts looking at the recent Wyrd Miniatures releases. Lets hit it! This set is an odd one as there is only one miniature released, the remaining releases are base inserts and terraclips, so with bases being bases and my LGS not yet having the terraclips […]