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Cosplay Builds: Tyene Sand Part Two

  From the small screen to the photoshoot studio, we’ll walk you through choosing fabrics for our first Cosplay Project!

NEW Primaris Marines, 8th Starter Sets, Grymkin & More

There’s NEW 40K Minis from GW, Warmachine, D&D, FFG and more – It has been a HOT weekend!

CMON: Song of Ice & Fire Gets More Minis

Cersei and Lord Jon Umber the Greatjon join CMON’s new Game of Thrones miniatures game!

Geekery: Winter is Here in New Game of Thrones Trailer

The houses of Westeros are going to battle… big ones with dragons and flaming swords.

Geekery: GoT Cast Sings I Will Survive

The cast sings a tune that doesn’t ring true for many of them…

CMON: Check Out the New Song of Ice & Fire Minis

  CMON gives some more details and shows off some of the minis for their next Kickstarter – they look really nice!

Cosplay Builds: Tyene Sand Part One

From the small screen to the photoshoot studio, we’ll walk you through the creation of our first Cosplay construction.

Geekery: GoT – The Great War Begins

IT’S’ HERE!!! The first full trailer for Game of Thrones season seven has a lot to say – and dragons.

Geekery: New GoT Teaser has Several Thrones

The contenders for the throne take their rightful places…

CMON: “Game of Thrones” Miniatures Game Announced

CMON nabs A Song of Ice & Fire for the Tabletop Miniatures Realm!

FFG: Star Wars Destiny, Android & Westeros Releases

FFG has a slew of new releases this week gamers. Let’s take a look:

Geekery: Septa Unella Sells Fizzy Water

This is one way to sell fancy at home water carbonation gadgets.

What's New