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30K: Inferno Is Well Worth the Wait – FTN

To us it seems like Inferno has been teased for way too long before we got to see the pages.  It was well worth the wait.

LVO 2017: Unbeatable 40K List & Top 8 Players

Come see the top 8 40K players from LVO 2017 and “The Unbeatable List” that took home the prize!

A Guide to Following the LVO 2017

I have the scoop on all things LVO. Click here if you want to know where to find top lists, Age of Sigmar and 40k battles streamed live & more.

LVO: Army That Will Dominate – In Bizarro World

Michael here with a look at the REAL (bad) armies that are(n’t) going to be tearing up the LVO this year.

40K: 10 Best Armies Going to LVO

There will be tons of heavy hitting 40k lists at 2017’s Las Vegas Open. Here are the top 10 competitive lists you will see at this year’s LVO. 

GW: Community Team Attending Independent Events

Look out IGT fans – Games Workshop is heading to some of the biggest events on BOTH sides of the pond!

Editorial: Kickstart My Heart

Hey, have you seen this really cool game that’s up on Kickstarter right now?  Whaddya mean, ”What’s Kickstarter??”

LVO Tickets Selling Fast: Signals #446

  In case you haven’t heard, GW is helping out our Age of Sigmar event, and Forgeworld is helping run our 30k event!

Las Vegas Open 2017 Registration is Open!

The Las Vegas Open 2017 registration is officially open! Grab those tickets while they’re hot as they’re moving very fast.

40k: In Praise of LVO & Today’s Grimdark Meta

Hi everybody ! Today’s timely subject is how to deal with some of the top 8 winning lists from the Las Vegas Open 2016 (LVO).

Do the LVO 40k Results Really Shock You?

The LVO has come and gone, and the top finishers didn’t seem to fool anyone.  Come see that and some new Chaos Daemon tech below!

BoLS Bonus: LVO 2016 Round-Up Tour!

  The BoLS Crew was at LVO 2016  the fastest growing tabletop tourney out there – join us on our whirl-wind tour!

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