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Shooting Rules in Mantic’s New Warpath Firefight

Today we take a look at Line of Sight in Warpath’s new Firefight expansion.  Let’s see what Mantic has cooked up for the tabletop.

Mantic: Warpath Firefight – ‘Starfall’

Mantic Games is bringing a new Campaign Supplement to the Warpath: Firefight universe – and you can get it for FREE.

Mantic: Spring Open Day “Get Your 3-Ups”

Mantic has some BIG news for their Spring Open Day – 3-Ups are making a comeback!

Mantic: Warpath Basics – Units and Movement

Come learn the basics of the turn sequence in Mantic’s Warpath.

Dreadball 2.0 – Changes & Updates

Mantic is back with a new edition of Dreadball – it’s faster and more action packed than ever before!

‘Dreadball’ Returns As The Most Brutal Fast-Paced Sports Game

Take to the pitch with either the nimble Moon Tree Sharks or as the juggernaut Draconis All-Stars in the Dreadball core box set.

Mantic: Giant Renders for KoW: Vanguard

Mantic’s Kings of War: Vanguard has some new Giant models they are showing off – Check these out!

Mantic: Gear Up For Walking Dead Wave Four

Wave four of the Walking Dead is on the horizon. Here’s some of the new tools that will help you survive…the Walking Dead.

Mantic Games: Dreadball Second Edition Pre-Orders Up

The Futuristic Sports Game is back with new teams, new rules and a new edition!

Mantic: Kings of War Battlefield Cards How To

Mantic has the lowdown on the new Kings of War Battlefield Cards!

Mantic: Price Shifts In The Future

Mantic has a new announcement about it’s pricing moving forward.

Dungeon Saga: Eye of the Abyss Expansion Available

Dungeon Saga’s newest expansion is out and ready for action!

What's New