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FFG New Releases: Sanctum of Twilight & Promise of Power

Mansions of Madness gets a brand new expansion and the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game is out now. It’s the end of an era and the launch of a new adventure!

Arkham Horror TCG: Dangers of The Forgotten Age

Fantasy Flight Games is back with more info on the upcoming Arkham Horror The Card Game expansion ‘The Forgotten Age’ – today we’re diving into the jungle to learn about some of the new rules and mechanic tweaks that are coming to test your resolve.

FFG: L5R Rules Update Out Now

Legend of the Five Rings has a brand new rules update available. Check out the latest changes in the Emerald Empire of Rokugan!

FFG: New L5R, Netrunner, & Game of Thrones Releases

Fantasy Flight Games has a trio of new releases for their popular LCGs – swear allegiance, Gear up, and ‘get gud’ with these new releases!

FFG: L5R The Elemental Cycle Announced

Get ready for a storm of activity from Fantasy Flight Games as a new Cycle of Legend of the Five Rings begins. It’s six packs in six weeks as the world of Rokugan’s elements are out of balance!

FFG: Eight New Intro Decks For A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games has 8 new ways for you to jump into A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Call your banners and take the field!

Arkham Horror TCG: Meet Calvin Wright, The Cursed Investigator

The Arkham Horror Files Universe is filled with unique individuals who struggle against madness. Calvin Wright is the newest investigator to join that long list and he brings a new sense of sacrifice and altruism to the investigator pool. Oh, and he’s totally Cursed.

Arkham Horror TCG: The Boundary Beyond Announced

The second Mythos Pack in the Forgotten Age Cycle has been announced – it’s time to travel to The Boundary Beyond!

FFG: New Releases – Dim Carcosa & Star Wars Legion

The final Mythos Pack for the Path to Carcosa is out in stores and Star Wars: Legion invades tabletops everywhere!

FFG: The Minds Behind L5R – A Developer Interview

Fantasy Flight Games has a new interview up from Designers Brad Andres and Tyler Parrott and it’s worth a read!

Arkham Horror TCG: Two New Investigators Enter The Jungle

Fantasy Flight Games is back with a new preview for the upcoming Forgotten Age Deluxe Expansion – Say Hi to the new guys!

Netrunner: Deluxe Expansion “Reign And Reverie” Announced

Heads-up Runners, a brand new Deluxe Expansion is on the way for Netrunner – time for Reign And Reverie!

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