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HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #122

A Nurgle cult hidden in a brothel? Must be WHQ Shadows Over Hammerhal!

Warhammer Quest: The Realmgates of Hammerhal

The Realmgates to Hammerhal have opened. Enter, and see what lurks in the shadows of the Twin-Tailed City…

Warhammer Quest: The Gamemaster & Villains

Shadows over Hammerhal introduces a new batch of baddies and a new role for the players: The Gamemaster!

Warhammer Quest: The GM’s Back, Boyz

Warhammer Quest is getting an important new addition in the upcoming Shadows Over Hammerhal–a GM.

GW: New Releases February 18 “Pricing & Links”

The Lord-Aquilor leads his men into battle but an old foe approaches!

Shadows Over Hammerhal: Unboxed

Take a look inside the the latest Warhammer Quest boxed game.

AoS Rumor: New Warhammer Quest Contents

One gamer is spilling the beans on the contents of the upcoming Shadows over Hammerhal – take a look!

New Warhammer Quest & Duardin Hero!

Warhammer Quest is getting another game and a Duardin hero has been spotted – check it out!

New Silver Tower Releases Unboxed

The new Warhammer Sliver Tower releases are in and we have an unboxing and review for you! You’re not gonna believe this incredible value!

TWG: Painting Ogroid Thaumaturges & Gaunt Summoners

Today I share with you two tutorials on how to paint Silver Tower adversaries: The Ogroid Thaumaturge & Gaunt Summoner.

GW: New Releases September 24 “Pricing & Links”

The Genestealer Cults are here in FORCE. Come take a look at all of Games Workshop’s new pre-orders this weekend!

GW: New Releases September 24 “First Looks”

The Genestealer Cult’s Day of Ascension is HERE – Come take a look at the new releases!

What's New