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Guest Columnists: Bell of Lost Souls

7th Edition: Yet Another Opinion

There is a lot of rumors and hyperventilating surrounding Warhammer 40k 7th. The only thing more abundant then the rumors are the opinions of 7th. Time for one more. Hello everyone. Edwin here and I wanted to talk about something everyone else has been talking about for a while now and discuss a few of […]

Warmachine: Corollary Arrives!

The single most important model in the Convergence of Cyriss has finally been released to the public! The Corollary is probably the second purchase any prospective Convergence player should make, after the battlebox.  Why is it so important? Power Transfer –  This star action lets the Corollary spend up to 3 focus to allocate that […]

Zombies Keep Out: A Six-year-old’s Opinion

Privateer Press’ newest boardgame, Zombies Keep Out, is a co-op for up to 6 players ages 8 or older.  I decided to test the age limit and enlist the help of my son to review it. He’s no stranger to games (or Privateer for that matter, having insisted on getting a metal Warmachine Cryx battlebox […]

Warmachine: Eradicators 101

The Eradicators are the final infantry unit to be released for Convergence of Cyriss.  How do they stack up against the faction’s other troop options? First off, points cost.  At 9 points for a 5-man medium base unit, these guys are on par with Perforators or Reciprocators.  They’re 1.5 times more expensive than the small-based […]

In Their Defense: Genestealers

Today I come to the defense of a unit that doesn’t see the tabletop as much as it should.    Edwin here. Genestealers have a bad rap. They don’t really see much play and a lot of people don’t really give these iconic Tyranid unit a second glance most of the time.  These units have […]

Codex:Tyranids and Why I Love this Book

     Edwin here with *Gasp* positive review of Codex:Tyranids and many of the units inside. I know the Tryanids have gotten a rather bad rap since the codex dropped, but personally, I really love this book. Each and every slot has a good unit, but the best part of this is that each of […]

Warmachine: Iron Mother Directrix

There’s been a big debate on the forums recently as to whether Iron Mother is one of the best warcasters in Convergence, or one of the worst.  With her official release, you’ll be able to find out for yourself.The first thing that stands out is that she’s actually a warcaster unit, accompanied by 2 exponent […]

Warmachine: Transverse Enumerator

The newly released Transverse Enumerator is a universal attachment for any Convergence of Cyriss infantry unit.  Which units are worth attaching to?The Transverse Enumerator brings a number of abilities to the table.  You’ll need to carefully consider which are most useful for a given unit based on its role; not all of her abilities are […]

Review: Hordes High Command

Not your ordinary deck builder.  Privateer Press rolls out something innovative and new – here’s the skinny. Guest Article by Cowboy247 When I was given the opportunity to review the new Privateer Press deck building game recently, I was happy to jump into it. I have been playing Warmachine / Hordes for the last four […]

Warmachine: Perforators

Some people would have you believe the Perforators are the worst-performing models in Convergence.  They’re flat out wrong. Not only do these models look awesome (killer cyclops robots with stabby blades and shooty spears, what more could you ask for), they can really tear up hard targets. The main reason for this is Assault, combined […]

Warmachine: Optifex Directive 101

Is this the Convergence of Cyriss’ equivalent of the Choir of Menoth?  Not quite, but the Optifex Directive still an essential unit. When the Optifex Directive was first shown, many people made comparisons to the Choir, comparisons that turned out to be only skin-deep.  Here’s why. Yes, it’s a small, cheap unit of dudes who […]

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