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Guest Columnists: Bell of Lost Souls

Take Five: Did Tyranids Get WAY Better?

What if Tyranids aren’t as nerfed as we thought? What if Tyranids actually got better in 7th edition?  Hello everyone, Jifel here, Tyranid veteran. For more Battle Reports, reviews, and tactics, feel free to check out my blog at Knighthammer 40k. Our first thought every edition is to look at what armies have been improved, and […]

A Desperate Apocalypse: 40k Allies

We all remember how annoying Battle Brothers were in 6th edition. Well, with the new changes in 7th edition, a lot of players may be feeling… desperate.  Jifel here, Tyranid veteran and Internet enthusiast. Feel free to check out more Tyranid fun on my personal blog, at Knighthammer 40k. Desperate Allies have received a massive buff […]

40k Deep Thought: How to Score

   By now we’ve all acknowledged the changes to the game. Now, how do we plan to score?      Hello all, John here, I’m the new guy at Bell of Lost Souls. I’m also known as Jifel on a couple of 40k websites and forums, and I’m here to talk about taking objectives in the new 7th edition. […]

40k : 7th Edition Inspirations – Objective Secured

When’s the last time you “Forged the Narrative” – with your objective markers?  It’s time! With all this talk of the way the new game will be (personally I’ll reserve judgement for about 6 months time when everyone’s kicked the tires, checked the engine and lodged a few crisp packets under the seats) one thing […]

40K – Why Are We Fighting?

Another new edition of the game is with us, and already the community is fighting like cats and dog. But why? Badrukk here, with more gentle musings brought on by my squig-brain transplant. I have a blog (LINK) and will likely fill it with the contents of my squig addled mind as time passes. But enough of […]

40K: In Defense of the Nerfbat

A new edition is here. Don’t fear the nerf-bat – embrace it.  Here’s why Edwin here with another In their defense. Nerfs are one of the scariest and often most frustrating parts of any new book or new edition. With the new edition of 40K just arrived, I will defend when Nerfs are a good […]

Warmachine: Father Lucant

Privateer saved the best for last when releasing Convergence warcasters.  Father Lucant has arrived, and he means business. Why is Lucant so powerful?  He protects his army on the approach, most especially from shooting, but also from magic and melee.  Once engaged, he helps his army hit harder and more accurately, while eliminating most defensive […]

7th Edition: Yet Another Opinion

There is a lot of rumors and hyperventilating surrounding Warhammer 40k 7th. The only thing more abundant then the rumors are the opinions of 7th. Time for one more. Hello everyone. Edwin here and I wanted to talk about something everyone else has been talking about for a while now and discuss a few of […]

Warmachine: Corollary Arrives!

The single most important model in the Convergence of Cyriss has finally been released to the public! The Corollary is probably the second purchase any prospective Convergence player should make, after the battlebox.  Why is it so important? Power Transfer –  This star action lets the Corollary spend up to 3 focus to allocate that […]

Zombies Keep Out: A Six-year-old’s Opinion

Privateer Press’ newest boardgame, Zombies Keep Out, is a co-op for up to 6 players ages 8 or older.  I decided to test the age limit and enlist the help of my son to review it. He’s no stranger to games (or Privateer for that matter, having insisted on getting a metal Warmachine Cryx battlebox […]

Warmachine: Eradicators 101

The Eradicators are the final infantry unit to be released for Convergence of Cyriss.  How do they stack up against the faction’s other troop options? First off, points cost.  At 9 points for a 5-man medium base unit, these guys are on par with Perforators or Reciprocators.  They’re 1.5 times more expensive than the small-based […]

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