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Warhammer 40K: Why Do Knights Fight In Lances? – PRIME

Abe Apfel 4 Minute Read March 19

Let’s take a look at some interesting real-world history behind the iconic Knight formation. Imperial Knights and their corrupted counterparts are one the coolest parts of Warhammer 40K. On the table they are massive detailed models, some of the coolest ever made. In the lore, they are ancient machines, built as guardians of humanity’s spread […]

D&D: How Ravenloft Was Born – Prime

J.R. Zambrano 4 Minute Read March 17

The mists of Ravenloft are about as iconic as it gets when it comes to horror and D&D. But where does Ravenloft come from? Let’s find out. Vampires have been around since 1st Edition in Dungeons & Dragons, but right up until the latter days of the mid-80s, they hadn’t really made as big a […]

Warhammer 40K: Was There A Secret Eldar-Human War? – PRIME

Abe Apfel 5 Minute Read March 5

Let’s take a look at a crazy theory about a dark part of human history – and who may be behind it. For the most part modern human history starts with the rise of the Emperor and the Unification Wars. Before that very little is known of humanity’s spread to the stars and what it […]

D&D On The Air In The 80s, The Lost Radio Play – PRIME

J.R. Zambrano 5 Minute Read March 3

Before Matthew Mercer, before Acquisitions Incorporated, before anyone had streamed anything, Dungeons & Dragons had their very own radio play. We truly live in a golden age for RPGs. Despite the controversies, despite the problems with representation, despite the difficulties that different role playing games have in establishing an audience, it’s now easier than ever […]

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Unit Guide – Airpower – PRIME

Abe Apfel 7 Minute Read February 26

Today let’s wrap up our in-depth look at the massive roster of Space Marine units and how to use them. Today we talk Flyers. If you haven’t heard, Space Marines have a brand new (well OK, newish at this point) Codex with a truly staggering amount of units. Such a massive roster (and that’s just […]

RPGs: The Many Worlds Of RIFTS – Prime

J.R. Zambrano 5 Minute Read February 25

Back in the 80s, Palladium carved out a niche as one of the biggest producers of RPGs, and that’s thanks in part to the many worlds of RIFTS. The birth of RPGs is strangely tied to lakes, which has some beautiful symmetry with the fact that early civilizations developed around rivers and lakes–and in deep […]

BoLS Prime: How Planescape Helped Escape The Satanic Panic

J.R. Zambrano 4 Minute Read February 17

Planescape is one of the most beloved settings in D&D. It changed the game, and it came about in part because people were worried about satanism in D&D. In all of Dungeons & Dragons, no setting may be quite as impactful as Planescape. This setting with its multiverse-spanning ideas that helped sow the seeds for […]