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Wyrd: A Stitch in Time Has Launched

Through the Breach has a new global campaign that is out now – Jump in for a Wyrd Time!

Wyrd: World Wide Event & Teaser

Wyrd is back with another World Wide Event: A Stitch in Time plus another new model preview!

Wyrd: The Hand That Feeds One-Shot

Wyrd Games is back with another Penny Dreadful One-Shot adventure: The Hand That Feeds!

Wyrd: Through the Breach 2nd Ed Announced

Wyrd Games has an exicting announcement for all you RPG fans – Through the Breach is getting a rules update!

Wyrd: January 2017 Releases

Wyrd’s new releases for January are coming in hot – check it out!

Wyrd: New Lazarus & More

Wyrd Games shows off a new sculpt plus some new fun and games for the holiday season!

Wyrd: November Releases

Wyrd Games is back with more releases for Malifaux – come see the new releases for November!

Wyrd: Divergent Paths Continues – Weeks 7 & 8 Out!

Divergent Path Week 7 & 8 are out now – how will you twist fate?

Wyrd: Divergent Paths Weeks 5 & 6 Out Now

The Divergent Paths event is going strong – Weeks 5 and 6 are out now!

Wyrd: New Resources & Downloads

Wyrd has a some new downloads available from DriveThruRPG & Updated Summoning Cards – Come see the latest from Malifaux!

Wyrd: Divergent Paths Weeks 3 & 4 Available Now

Wyrd’s latest Global Malifaux Event is going strong. Missions for weeks 3 and 4 are out – come check them out!

Wyrd: Divergent Paths Global Event

The Folks at Wyrd are at it again with another Global Event – The Fate of three new characters are in players hands.

What's New