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Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Fred and Elle Designs Pt 2

Today we travel through space and time, to the Biel-Tan Craftworld and beyond with a pair of artists who expertly craft the Cosplay world to their whims. Creating projects from multiple fandoms, these two Cosplayers set an incredibly high bar, and have fantastic words of wisdom for the community. “They shall come, expecting the obvious, the simple, the […]

For the Emperors Honor: Grimaldus Cosplay

This week we are featuring a maker who has “Accepted any Challenge, no matter the odds” honoring the Emperor with his outstanding craftsmanship. Today we’re taking a closer look at an intricately detailed Black Templar Chaplin cosplay powerful enough to stop the enemies of the Empire in their tracks!

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Vraskaa

This week, we are discovering an artist obsessed with armor! Vraskaa is a cosplay artist who likes her projects larger than life, and is constantly pushing her own limits. Her eye for fantastical details grabs attention and holds it, and we are happy to feature her this week!

A Brief Video History of Cosplay

Are you wondering what the deal is with these people running around in costume at conventions and events? Have you ever wondered where it started, where it came from? This week we’re taking a video tour back in time to the beginnings of the modern Cosplay Movement. Join us!

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