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Thomas aka Goatboy

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Goatboy – New Bugs and How I Made Them

Goatboy here again with a Tyranid conversion and painting post – Tervigon Edition!After reviewing the list of monsters you have in the new codex, I immediately went to the Tervigon. You have a Toughness 6 monster with the ability to be a troop choice as well as create more scoring units by its ability to generate […]

Goatboy’s Tyranid Review – HQs

Hi Goatboy here again and today I want to start off the jump into the sticky and gooey center of the new Tyranid codex. Preview codices are out in some locations and I am going to go into reviewing the units available to all the Hive Minded people out there. This review is not the be-all-end-all as […]