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REVIEW: Kromlech Tabletop Scenics – Skargruk Line – Strongpoint

Kromlech Tabletop Scenics – Skargruk Line – Strongpoint   My brother and I picked up three sets of Shadow Wars and I painted up all the terrain.  We ended up not playing as much as we liked so the terrain just sat for a while.  We decided to sell it and I used my portion […]

New Legionary Tank Kits from Kromlech

Spruce up your Legionary tanks with these snazzy new kits from Kromlech.

Kromlech: Men in Tights, Legionaries in Hoods

Deck out your 28mm in these hooded helmets from Kromlech.

Kromlech’s Heavy Weapon Platform Battery Bundle is a Deal

Blow them off the table with Kromlech’s Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform Battery. BOOM!

Kromlech: Legionary Thunder Gun

Lots of Legionary Love Lately, check out this custom Thunder Gun bit from Kromlech.

Kromlech: Legionary Heads

Got some legionaries in your custody that you want to do up some custom heads for.

Kromlech’s Extra Armor Set Keeps Your Plastic Dudesmen Safe

Start this year with a product which will make your every tank and APC in your Legionary army safe and sound on every battlefield.

Kromlech: Greatcoat Banner Bearer

This Ork bears aloft the last remnants of a Banner Year.

ZZZAP: Kromlech Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform

Convert your 28mm enemies into vapor with Kromlech’s new Annihilation Beamer.

Kromlech: New Legionary Heads

Kromlech has a new batch of Legionary Heads to Mod your “Legion” – check these out!

Kromlech’s Legionary Scorpio Turret is INCOMING!

We’ve got just the thing to dress up your 28mm army with some artillery fire support.

Kromlech’s Legionary Engineer Wants to Hug

Kromlech’s latest conversion set wants to reach out and grab your wallet.  Take a look.

What's New